An inclusive kingdom of heaven

Last week I went to a funeral for a 49 year old woman who died of cancer. She had worked at the Diocese but had to quit as the cancer was advancing. Anyway, she was always so cheerful and smiling all the time and yet she had to be hurting. I shared her letters from Facebook with my prayer group and I think she was an inspiration to the ladies. I know that she was to me. Even during her last days she invited people to come to see her before her death. To me she was Jesus for so many. Veronica’s funeral was touching and so many people there. Fr. Frank at St. Joe’s was the celebrant. She was truly a “neighbor” to me and to so many. I am going to try hard to be like her. She was younger than me by a lot, in fact she was in my son’s graduating class at Nouvel. But I feel she had so much to give and I loved her for that.
Such a really moving reflection,Laura! Folks helping folks…not must in Texas—that’s the kingdom!
lovely and challenging reflection!
thank you for helping me to understand the strange spiritual internal-external state “the kingdom of God.” The city flooded with water is a good image. If we do help one another unselfishly, irrespective of who or what we are, perhaps the kingdom is among us, and so we must strive higher to understand more fully the love that is in our neighbour, whoever or whatever they are. I’m thinking of those neighbors in the world community whom we don’t think of as our good neighbours. God bless OSC, amen.