We are a community of contemplative Catholic women called Poor Clare Nuns, also known as Sisters of St. Clare. We continue the ministry of St. Clare of Assisi, who shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the healing power of prayer with others.

We devote our life primarily to prayer;  we seek to know the presence of God in our lives and to bring others closer to God through our prayer. That is why we want to be Companions in Prayer with you. Please join with us in our prayer.

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This Week’s Sunday Journal

by Fr. Kelly

Sunday Journal
First Sunday of Advent
November 27, 2022

Mt 24:37-44

Appreciating how essential a “good night’s sleep” is to overall health and well being, more experts are making recommendations on how to defeat insomnia. I for one, read every article and listen to every interview I come across, in hopes that I will stop tossing and turning most of the night. There are a few tips that each sleep guru seems to have in common:

1. It is important to maintain a regular “sleep schedule” as much as possible.

2. It is important to avoid those things that interfere with sleep, such as late-night heavy meals, caffeinated and alcoholic beverages and the so called “blue light” coming from electronic devices.

3. It is important that the bedroom should be dark and the mind as free from worries and concerns as possible. (Easier said than done…right?)....

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