We are a community of contemplative Catholic women called Poor Clare Nuns, also known as Sisters of St. Clare. We continue the ministry of St. Clare of Assisi, who shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the healing power of prayer with others.

We devote our life primarily to prayer;  we seek to know the presence of God in our lives and to bring others closer to God through our prayer. That is why we want to be Companions in Prayer with you. Please join with us in our prayer.

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This Week’s Sunday Journal

by Fr. Kelly

Sunday Journal

Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time
February 16, 2019

MT 5:17-37 OR 5:20-22A, 27-28, 33-34A, 37

For health as well as appearance sake, a good friend was determined to begin 2020 “on a diet.” She did her homework and hit on a program that, at first glance, appeared to be fairly severe. What appealed, however, was the promise of dramatic results within 30 days, and without the need to measure or weigh food or count calories. She bought the book and began to read “the laws.” THOU SHALL NOT CONSUME...sugar, grains, legumes, dairy products, or alcohol...simple as that! What was permitted, however, was a wide range of healthy, fresh, and non-processed food. The theory behind this particular diet is that by abstaining from certain addictive foods for a relatively short period of time, it is possible to regain control over our appetites, redirecting them towards what is good for us...

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