Our Newsletters: Practice of Prayer

Spring 2024 How one person expanded my heart.
Summer 2023 Speaking Truthfully and Living with Intention
Spring 2023 Dear Companions in Prayer
Summer 2022 Service of our hands helps tell ‘the story of our heart’
Spring 2022 Gaining insights about Lent
Summer 2021 Up Stream Current
Spring 2021 Treasured gifts of my spiritual journey
January 2021 Remembering Sister Laurene
Summer 2020 Finding comfort in times of anxiety
Spring 2020 Blessings hidden in plain sight
Advent 2019 The gift of Advent rituals
Summer 2019 The protection of the Good Shepherd
Spring 2019 Changing the balance of love
MK 10:35-45 2018 Community of Equals
Summer 2018 The saints who shape our lives
May 2018 Trinity is like a kaleidoscope
Remembering Bernie 2018 Friends who change our lives: Remembering Bernie
MT 15:21-28 2017 The Canaanite woman spoke for us
Summer 2017 A long and encouraging day
Mothers’ Day 2017 Mothers’ Day
Spring 2017 Walking each other home
Lent 2017 From ashes to insight
LK 15:8-10 2016 The Lost Coin: A lesson in compassion
Summer 2016 The lesson from Jesus’ meeting with Martha and Mary
LK 9:51-62 2016 Resolutely Determined
Spring 2016 Hope in dark times
Christmas 2015 My Christmas Gift
MK 10:46-52 2015 Bartimaeus and a Prayer of Faith
Fall 2015 Pope Francis & St. Francis of Assisi
Summer 2015 Organizing Our Memories
Mark 6:7-13 2015 Listen with your Heart
Mark 5:21-43 2015 Jesus heals the crowds: A reflection on Mark 5:21-43
Mark 5:21-43 2015 The Power of Faith
Spring 2015 My Lent: The Gift of Compassion
Advent 2014 First to Serve
Matt 18:15-20 2014 Right Relations
Summer 2014 Who Are the Poor Clares?
Matt 13:33 2014 Parable of the Yeast
Spring 2014 Bishop Ken’s 10th Anniversary
Advent 2013 O Come, Emmanuel
Luke 19:1-10 2013 Curious Zacchaeus
Luke 16:19-31 2013 The Rich Man and Lazarus
Luke 15:8-10 2013 The Lost Coin
Summer 2013 Pope Francis
Luke 7:36-8:3 2013 Who Am I
Trinity Sunday 2013 Trinity Sunday Reflection
Pentecost 2013 Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Spring 2013 The Gift of Silence
Summer 2012 Facing Changes in our Life
Spring 2012 Contemplative Prayer
Summer 2011 20 Years Ago
Spring 2011 Lectio Divina
Summer 2010 Life Choices
Spring 2010 Examen
Summer 2009 Do not Be Afraid
Spring 2009 Autobiography of Sr. Laura
Spring 2009 Biography of Sr. Dianne
Summer 2008 We are Home
Spring 2008 Biography of Sr. Laurene
Spring 2008 Biography of Sr. Bernardone

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