We are a small community of contemplative religious women, Poor Clare Nuns, also known as the Sisters of St. Clare. Our order was founded in 1212 by St. Clare of Assisi who was inspired by her friend St. Francis of Assisi. Following the example of Clare, we choose to set aside family, career, travel, and security in exchange for a solitary life within a community. Logic cannot explain our desire to spend the day in prayer. Our way of life can only be explained as a “call” or “vocation” from God.

In 1991, the late Bishop of Saginaw, Ken Untener, invited a small group of us to leave our home monastery in Minnesota and come to Saginaw where, in the spirit of St. Clare, we could be a praying community where we could share the gospel of Jesus Christ and the healing power of prayer with others. Over these past 25 plus years in Saginaw, we have had an overwhelming response to our invitation to pray with and for others. We respond to over 800 prayer requests a month through phone calls and emails from our web page. We think of ourselves as their “Companions in Prayer.”

We remind people that they are not alone. We are praying with and for them.

Who asks for our prayers?

As Companions in Prayer, we are available to anyone needing prayer – through emails on our Prayer Request web page and through phone calls. We listen to the anguish of someone in a troubled marriage, or grieving a death, or dealing with an unbreakable addiction. We share in the sorrows of the human heart – bruised, broken, crushed and betrayed – and bring the suffering ones with us to prayer. When you share your struggles in prayer with another, it is no longer yours alone. We also rejoice in the joys and experiences of a person’s life — the gift of a birth, the joy of completing a project, success in accomplishing a goal, and celebrating community birthdays. We want people to know that God is here and present in all that we experience. We want people to know that they are not alone. We are praying with and for them.

What is our life like?

Several times a day, we gather as a community to pray the Liturgy of the Hours (psalms of praise and thanksgiving), sometimes we also have Eucharist. After our daily chores, we return to prayer at midday for Centering Prayer. In the evening, we again gather to pray the psalms. Finally, before we retire for the night, we end our day with Compline, another period of prayer.

How do we support ourselves?

Traditionally, our community has lived on donations as our major means of support. We see the face of God in these donations that we receive. They help us cover many of our expenses, and we have time to be available to anyone seeking prayer. We remind people that they are not alone. We are praying with and for them.

However, we supplement our donations with additional projects which are also of spiritual benefit to others. We have created Fragrant Blessing Oil to help Christians pray with others. People use the oil to bless and soothe someone in need. We have a Clinging Cross which is designed to fit in the palm of your hand. The feel of it in your hand is a wonderful reminder of God’s presence. You are not alone. We are praying with and for you.

Will you join our prayer ministry?

We invite you to join us as we pray for peace in our world as well as peace close to home. Be Companions in Prayer with us as we pray for who we know in need as well as the many unknown ones who suffer in our world.

We also invite you to visit our website for a fuller description of our ministry of prayer, our newsletters, an explanation of prayer forms, and information about our Gift Store. You may leave us a prayer request and join our ministry of prayer with your financial contributions. We want you to know that you are not alone. We are praying with and for you.

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