Parable of the Yeast

Thank you for this lovely message…
This is lovely. Thank you, Laura. The picture adds a lot to the reflection. Just right.
I have thought often about the leaven ever since you sent that file to me a while ago.
It stays with me and returns in different situations, or afterwards when I am thinking
about something that happened. I just keeps on revealing itself.
I found your view of the parable of the yeast fascinating but it sure is different than mine. I agree with it and it shows that there are more than one way to interpret our feelings about the readings.

I have always enjoyed working with yeast, especially getting my hands in the dough and turning it over and over and then putting it into a bowl and watch it grow. That is what I think about my faith. I have experienced my faith life in so many different stages – as a child I probably enjoyed participating in the excitement of receiving the sacraments (including the parties and good wishes afterwards). I was so fortunate to have a mother and grandmother who were strong in their faith. I also have to include the religious sisters who taught me. These people of faith gave me the direction I needed. As I grew and married my husband it was another type of growth and I am so fortunate that we both share this faith. I feel that faith is the yeast of my life. Of course, there have been many times when it is hard to know where I am heading with one thing after another working against me. But faith has taught me that I must let go, let God. Some days I can’t do it – I am so engrossed in my problem. Thank God I can think about it and eventually I give in and let God. What a blessing that is! I hope my faith shows through and that I am an example to others. I want all to experience the “extravagant power and love of God in their lives.”

A really probing reflection that holds the tension needed to discover God in “all things”—Thanks so much, Laura. Anima and animus at work here; integration of spirit and soul! It strikes me how this age of IT sharing is especially meaningful for cloistered Sisters—how the Holy Spirit uses the fruit of your prayer in human ways never possible in ages past. Hildegarde, Juliana, and CLARE must be so happy with your newsletter!!
Just read the new Gospel Reflection — thank you, it is very good, and I think this is an excellent ministry for the Clares — words of holy teaching, filled with mercy and offering strength, thank you! Just about the right length, keep it short but strong. Please go forward with this excellent work.
Mary Ann
You hit the meaning just great. This is a powerful and challenging parable and you did a beautiful job breaking it open.