Gen 2:18-24
Heb 2:9-11
Mk 10: 2-12

The Path of Love
The readings from the Sunday of October 8th are often used at weddings. It is so easy to be at a wedding and space out when these familiar readings are read. Sometimes it is very easy for those who are not married to leave this reading only for those who are married. Yet if we space the readings out or find ourselves not part of a marriage, we miss our opportunity to find the way Christ may be talking to us.

I remember the woman who was caring for her dying brother, not because she had lots of money nor a big house, but rather because of their relationship as sister and brother. I think about a friend who has reframed her daily life to take in the needs of her elderly parents, who stands in that place of transition with her parents as they meet their aging process. I think of my friends who fed me supper every night when a dear friend was in the hospital. Each meal they gave me the food of hospitality and presence.

I think that these stories invite us to think about the covenant relationships in our lives. Christ calls all of us to a deep faithfulness and a very tangible experience of love becoming flesh. Our challenge and opportunity today and each day is to be awake and aware when God invites us to share our “rib bone,” and give voice to the age old covenant of love.