Spring’s Winter
The other day as Hannah, my black lab, and I went for a walk, I was struck by the beauty of spring going head to head with the sharp breeze of winter reminders. About a block from our house the wind took on fierceness, which Hannah handled better than me. I was relieved to turn the corner and walk close to the large church. It made me think about the expression leaning into the Lord.

I have been blessed throughout my life with moments of leaning into the Lord which made the difference between a so/so decision and a decision that transformed my life. What was true on those rare epiphany moments were the exquisite ways in which ordinary people’s thoughts became foundations of wisdom and insight.

On the walk as Hannah and I walked against the wind and snow flurries, there were gorgeous fruit trees in blossom…the colors of their blooms stood out even more so in the gray of winter’s return.

I didn’t have a decision to make with the weather, but rather I was invited to live in the paradox of spring’s beauty and winter’s reappearance. Hannah, on the other hand, moved in time and space with ease and grace.