My Lent: The Gift of Compassion

Just read My Lent: Gift of Compassion and I found it very helpful and encouraging to be better and do better, very well written, very good to develop and improve this ministry of Clare Spirit! I am just now reading Greek and deepening knowledge of the Bible and I discovered that the first letter of my name is much more important than I ever knew, and already 50 years have gone! thank you very much and God bless us for good Lent, amen
Compassion is the rarest gift in people I have found in my 67 years. If there is any thing that is really missing in our society it is compassion. It is refreshing to see that even the most devoted Christians suffer from sin. Although I am not “Catholic” I always look forward to your newsletter
I am so grateful. Thank you so much for this reflection. It went right to my poor judgmental soul. I too, am looking deeply into my heart to know how to love better. Thank you, too for all your prayer and beautiful ways.
Your Lenten message is truly a Gift of Compassion. It is too easy and simple to say compassion on a shallow level. Your message makes me think again of what Compassion means. I appreciate your description of receiving compassion and then extending that compassion. Showing compassion is a gift which we receive and can pass on, and it is extended exponentially. Thank you for reminding me of its power.
there is in the response of the lady who has gone through divorce and yet doesn’t want your husband to feel anymore pain. I am married for 42 yrs. I can’t imagine the pain she must had gone through during the divorce, Compassion can be given, even in unimaginable ways, that is the Gift to both the giver and receiver. Oh the ways, that God works through us. Thank you for this awe moment for me. Thank you for your prayers and You are in mine!!
Mrs A M
Thank you for that
I love this story of compassion. If we could all be more compassionate in our daily actions this would be a wonderful world to live. God would be so proud of us. Two wrongs certainly do not make it right. Thank you for sharing this with me.