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About our Fragrant Blessing Oil...

We have formulated a unique Fragrant Blessing Oil for laypersons to bless one another at special times in life: birthdays, anniversaries, and celebrations. Or the oil may be used to bless and calm during periods of stress or personal prayer or simply to begin your day. Its soothing touch and gentle fragrance suggests God’s presence that comforts, heals, and strengthens us.

By using Fragrant Blessing Oil, we remind ourselves that we are gift.

“We are a Church of symbols — water, bread, wine, oil, ashes, colors, ritual gestures. These speak what words cannot say. This oil provides a splendid opportunity to bring one of our traditional religious symbols into our home and nurture the day-to-day holiness of which saints are made.”

Kenneth Untener, (late) Bishop of Saginaw

Note: Catholic Household Blessings and Prayers points out that some blessings should be reserved for bishops, priests, and deacons. These are the official ecclesial and sacramental blessings which should be administered by the ordained clergy. However, the book explains that there are other blessings that do not require the presence of ordained clergy and can be prayed by anyone who has been baptized.

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