Gaining insights about Lent

Well written and insightful. Brings back memories of Laurene.
I just received your Companions in Prayer newsletter. WOW !!!! What a beautiful moment of grace in Laurene’s last days. It seemed to be an example of taking hold of life and owning it thoroughly, responsibly and respectfully.
Thank you for the newsletter with the moving Account of Laurene’s passing.
I am deeply moved by your reflection(s) this Lent. It is a profound life-time recollection of how we continue to grow in our understanding of letting go this life we experience now and surrendering into our lasting communion with Christ in God. I especially cherish the bridal point of Laurene’s journey—it encourages me! Your account of how this lifetime journey into getting what we are all being personally invited to embrace is honest and moving.
Thank you! For this Wonderful Note!!
Thank you for that wonderful reflection on life and death and
your experience with Laurene.

Up Stream Current

Beautiful, beautiful Newsletter! Thank you so much for sending. So important for Catholics to know that Spirit infuses all life and invites us to share in the joy of appreciation of others and the beauty that surrounds us. And I always love your sign off: You Are Not Alone. A perfect reminder of how blessed we are to have supportive friends. So glad you are here for me and mine.
I was touched by your personal sharing in your last newsletter. Thank you! It gives me much to reflect on.
Loved your newsletter. It sure hit the spot.
Being spiritual….right on with your reflections!
That was refreshing. My experience in my 80’s includes amazement at what I missed or overlooked in the previous 7 decades and gratitude for the opportunity to keep on learning, seeing, accepting, renewing, and growing in faith. A lot of it does revolve around nature for me too. (Even Weight Watchers encourages us to walk, look at the leaves and smell the flowers.) And wondering again where I’ve been all these years. Not that I’ve gotten that far, but I am happy for the chance to renew the opportunities missed, at least the ones I’m aware of.
Your Companions in Prayer letter was as if I had written it myself. Always a work in progress!
Thank you for the newsletter for this summer. It struck a certain cord for me. There was so much in your letter that I related to – from the spiritual growth (or solitude sometimes) to what is meant by being spiritual and not religious (I hear this too often) and then being with God in his creation or just silently sitting and being still to soak in God’s love.

Treasured gifts of my spiritual journey

Thank You !! ♥️🤓🦋
The story of your spiritual journey was positive and inspiring. Thank you for sharing it with us all.
This was simply delightful. Nothing earth shaking but the nitty gritty stuff of everyday family or community life makes all the difference. I have a recurring need to “be right” and the penalty is always distressing. I keep thinking at my age after several years of meditation I would have learned to just “let go.” Today is a new beginning. Maybe the light will dawn!

Finding comfort in a time of anxiety

Your newsletter was uplifting in hope. It arrived at a perfect time when I have been going through a time of stress of uncertainty. Thank you so much for sharing.
I have been following Ilia Delio on The Omega Center website. What a treasure she is! If there is a future for our Church she is the prophet to enlighten us.
Thank you for your newsletter.
I am with you! In every level of being… come, eternal LIFE!!!
This pandemic has tested us all in ways many of us have never known before.
Agree that the inner anxiety is difficult to manage along with distancing from our families! Miss those grand babies 👶
Very well stated article!

Blessings hidden in plain sight

thank you for this profound meditation filled with wisdom and beautiful phrases —
your writing in these newsletters is often very good indeed and I need that quality. Beautiful phrases and deep truths — how much I want that from the Clares. Hidden in plain sight — I love this phrase — what we always knew and took for granted was in reality a mighty blessing.
This Newsletter is so very insightful. Loss teaches us so much. Wish we could grow without making so many mistakes.
Thanks for the latest “Companions.” It brought back memories for me. I also lost 5 significant people rather quickly 2 years ago. 3 friends, my brother, and his wife all died within a year. You are right – their loss leaves a big hole.
This newsletter really does a good job at personalizing and personifying the Gospel.

The protection of the Good Shepherd

I’m with you in loving, grateful prayer as you celebrate Clare and the grace of your uniquely Franciscan vocation! Have to say, the sheep homily was my all-time-favorite!
I love Psalm 23 and it seems to be used at most funerals. Thanks, Laura, for the insight into the shepherds and sheep. I remember hearing some of what a shepherd does when we were in Bethlehem. I pray that we can all be shepherds.
read today’s newsletter about shepherds and sheep….many years ago we lived in north western Colorado where sheep were raised in plenty and yes they are rather stupid creatures. If one falls down on its back it is unable to right itself so shepherds must be ever vigilant. So it is with our very own Good Shepherd who is ever vigilant when we stumble and fall /fail as He is always ready to set us aright again!
Keep your newsletters coming as they are most welcome and thank you for praying for us all.
Your current Newsletter, Jesus the Good Shepherd, touched me deeply. I love the reference to the interdependency of the shepherd and sheep, a beautiful metaphor of the Cosmic Christ watching over us, wanting our love as much as we need his.
Poets are word thieves and I’m lifting yours right off the page to reshape your vision into my creative efforts.
Many, many thanks,
I really enjoyed reading it. Thank you so much.
I read the summer Newsletter about the Good Shepherd — it is very good indeed, excellent style. It would be better than 90% of the sermons they give.

Changing the balance of love

My dear Sisters,
I needed this!!! At Christmas during the penance service a visiting priest suggested contemplative prayer to me, he said “I think you are ready for this”. Not quite as easy as 4 Hail Marys, I’ll tell you that! But I read, researched and I tried. Fast-forward a few months when found myself strongly drawn to our local Carmelite Secular community and I’m sure you can guess the first bit of direction I received after inquiring was “try this” . Sisters, some days it comes with ease and some days I catch myself saying “Come on Susan….your mind is a blank slate. Blank slate, blank slate, have my ears always rang?”. You get the idea. This piece is so helpful. I needed this!!! Keep this wonderful, helpful information flowing…this one was just what I needed!! (And a little prayer that those of us who strive to reach this beautiful level of prayer achieve it would be appreciated)

The saints who shape our lives

I enjoyed your news on your family and lifetime of decision.
I too have many stories that I pass on to my family and friends.
Mary Lou
Thank you for the summer issue of Companions in Prayer. It is always inspiring for me to read your newsletters. I enjoy your remaks about your own life and that of St. Clare. I will celebrate August 11 in some special way – prayer and doing somethin nice for other people.
When I realized the focus of this newsletter is St. Clare, I was even more interested, because I really haven’t known her very well. I was surprised to learn about her — a woman who discovered and developed her own unique life pathway of faith and invited other women to share that pathway — and only on her death bed did she learn that the Church had approved it. How brave she must have been, and how clear about her personal mission and purpose.
I hope others, like me, will think about the shape and style of their lives, and be grateful for the mysterious, unique and powerful ways God has drawn us all into Life.

Trinity is like a kaleidoscope

I enjoyed your treatise on Trinity, and immediately words flew into my, mind and I wanted to share.
The colors in the kaleidoscope are so varied, but all sourcing from a few (could it be three?) pieces if glass or mirrors. The colors remain stable until we APPLY our hands turning it over and over again. We do that each day that God has given us. And, we get different results. Is it caused by our turning or is it God letting us try various maneuvers to give us an opportunity to make our world brighter? Kadeidoscopes vary the initial colors and then goes forward.
I love your reference to colors; it is Trinity expanding eternally into eternity.
Thank you for this beautiful reflection on the Trinity. It blessed me.
What a fine reflection.
Thank you love the newsletter
Truly enjoy the newsletters. This one in particular gave a clearer understanding of the mysteries of the Trinity. God bless you for all the good work you do and for sharing your talents with us.
Reading the Gospel of Mark more deeply & finding it such a good way to give the knowledge of God the Father to the Greeks through Jesus Christ — the Trinity three is part of this process — it’s a special number for the Jews and the Greeks, and also as we go deeper we can understand that all three persons are the same identity — in the beginning of the Christian Church we had to be different to the Jews, but today we can come closer to the Jews again, in deeper love and by God’s grace, forgiveness and mercy on all sides, the Holy Trinity granted to the Christian faith is closer again to the Eternal Love that is the One God of Moses — help me Lord Jesus to love more deeply and fully amen
I like the idea of remembering the Holy Spirit in the evening. I resolve every Pentecost to be more aware and always forget.

Friends who change our lives: Remembering Bernie

Thank you for the beautiful spring newsletter. All of you are in my prayers. Thank you for praying for our diocese.
Sister Bernardone, was such gift to me, way back in 1963-1964, I was a novice and she was Cook in a large kitchen at Assisi Heights, the Motherhouse of the Sisters of St. Francis in Rochester MN.
I remember her very much as you described her. I love her sense of humor and her wonderful of teaching, but not preaching.
I did leave the the Community after 6 years, before she came to the Poor Clares, but I have never forgotten this Beautiful Lady.
I had written her letters a few year ago, and she wrote back such encouraging letters back. I have always felt my presence in my life of prayer, and am sure that will remain for the rest of my life. Thanks for sharing her wonderful life story.
I just finished reading the newsletter about Sr. Bernie. She was a special gal and always smiling. I thought it was a great article. I will never forget her or any of you.
I can’t imagine how big a hole Bernie’s departure into the Magnificent WHOLE of God’s fullness has carved into your little community of Saginaw. My love holds each of you and all together in hope that one day all this leave-taking will end and we will be gathered for once and for all in the HOLON of LOVE that is embedded even now in every molecule of our DNA! Think of Broccoli! (Sure!)
Your tribute to Bernie and your personal sharing is a gift to me. I join you in my most fervent prayer and remember so well our week at Crawfton so many years ago and Bernie took over that kitchen, showing me how to brine a turkey. I was watching and learning so much.
Thank You 🙏❤️
thank you very much for this well written and moving letter about Sister Bernie. Thanks be to God for her holy service in community, praying for all and witnessing God’s love in her life amen. thanks also for teaching me about your lives as 4 sisters in this modern Poor Clare outreach. I think you have been offering a model of sister-life which is sustainable for the future, a holy life that offers personal fulfillment to the sister family group. I wish to support this and encourage your boldness and outreach, the excellent newsletters and the loving support that I felt when you contacted me. In our need we turn to the sisters for strength and comfort, as we turn to Jesus. Mother Mary is united with Jesus in this love. I would like this work to gather sisters from other churches if that were possible, united in a charism of love, to live a holy life of prayer and service together, finding happiness in the sister-group and in the holy service and witness. A Poor Clare charism that arched across the churches and building strength in that way for faith. I pray that you may find younger sisters to join you and continue this good work. God bless you and strengthen you. Happy Easter soon!
The tribute to Bernie is beautiful.
I’ trying to adopt the just say “Sure” approach of Bernardone (well, most of the time).

An inclusive kingdom of heaven

Last week I went to a funeral for a 49 year old woman who died of cancer. She had worked at the Diocese but had to quit as the cancer was advancing. Anyway, she was always so cheerful and smiling all the time and yet she had to be hurting. I shared her letters from Facebook with my prayer group and I think she was an inspiration to the ladies. I know that she was to me. Even during her last days she invited people to come to see her before her death. To me she was Jesus for so many. Veronica’s funeral was touching and so many people there. Fr. Frank at St. Joe’s was the celebrant. She was truly a “neighbor” to me and to so many. I am going to try hard to be like her. She was younger than me by a lot, in fact she was in my son’s graduating class at Nouvel. But I feel she had so much to give and I loved her for that.
Such a really moving reflection,Laura! Folks helping folks…not must in Texas—that’s the kingdom!
lovely and challenging reflection!
thank you for helping me to understand the strange spiritual internal-external state “the kingdom of God.” The city flooded with water is a good image. If we do help one another unselfishly, irrespective of who or what we are, perhaps the kingdom is among us, and so we must strive higher to understand more fully the love that is in our neighbour, whoever or whatever they are. I’m thinking of those neighbors in the world community whom we don’t think of as our good neighbours. God bless OSC, amen.

The Canaanite woman spoke for us

This is beautifully written with clarity and strength and it is very moving. The Christian Mission is here. It is especially strong to women who were considered of low status in the Jewish faith, and to peoples who were despised. Your passage will merit rereading. It is a splendid gift in your outreach. Our upbringing sometimes makes it difficult to recognize our brothers and sisters because of the need to protect our house. Boldly today we must reach out to say I love you and I do love you and I will love you, thank you for your goodness. I am thinking of North Africa. I dream of Christian and Muslim communities living side by side in knowledge of one another, in forgiveness and love and respect. Both with a high level of wisdom and love. He is with us when we love. God bless OSC! God bless you dear sisters!
Thanks, this is very relevant and timely!
She spoke for us: thank you for bringing a profound truth to light so clearly.
We thought your reflection on today’s Gospel was most apt. If only we could see everyone we meet not as stranger but sister and brother. Maybe we would listen to each other less defensively, trust one another more and have a more peaceful society.
I think this Gospel shows us that Jesus learned at he went through life – he learned from his encounters with others. He was open to the other. May we do likewise.
Thank you for your so timely interpretation of the Gospel!!
Thank You 🙏❤️

Mother’s Day Reflection

My 98-year-old mother and I appreciated the beauty and wisdom of Sister Laura’s reflection and are so thankful that you shared it with us. When my father died, here at home on hospice, it was a very sacred time and I am glad to have the opportunity to live with my Mom, so near to “touching the hem of eternity” again, and fully conscious of embracing the journey. My mother nodded thoughtfully when she heard Sister Laura’s mother’s response, “I don’t know.” We talked about the peace of Papa’s passing and she understood so well.
You are mothers to so many souls! May I wish you all the graces that flow through our Blessed Mother on this Mother’s Day.
I just read an article by one of your sisters, Laura, I think, and want to thank her for the inspiration and comfort it brought me. I had just finished Lectio Divina and then turned to Global Sisters mail that I receive
Sister’s article was exactly the piece I still needed in my lectio. It will continue to help me very much as I carry the WORD with me this week.
What a gift your community must be there in Saginaw. Be blessed with the the ongoing gifts of the Spirit.
Thank you for that sensitive, real reflection on our Mom’s. Consoling in its truth!
It is so touching and beautiful, but also offers a wonderful teaching on eternal life as experienced by you. I really loved it.
Great Reflection: Hopefully we can all pass on to new life without fear.