Sr. Laura Hammel, osc

Sr. Laura Hammel, osc

Speaking truthfully and living with intention

Dianne and I have recently made a major life change. We moved from Saginaw, Michigan, where we resided for 33 years, to live with the Wheaton Franciscan Sisters in Illinois.
Leaving Saginaw and those many years of blessings, I am still making thoughtful choices about what to pack and what to let go. By setting aside habits that are no longer useful, I can focus my intention on being truthful and inviting the sunshine of the Spirit to be ever-present in my new home...
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The gift of Advent rituals

As the Christmas holidays approach, in the northern hemisphere our side of the earth grows colder and darker.
As we move through this dark season, we are blessed with the gift of many important Advent and Christmas rituals that help to defeat the darkness and to keep warmth and light glowing in our souls...
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The Canaanite woman spoke for us

We had just completed evening prayer and we were at dinner, when one of the sisters said, “I have been waiting until we are all together to tell you about a phone call that I received today.”
She told us that a man named Jack, seemed very connected to her father. Sister, asked bluntly, “Jack, are you thinking that we have the same father?"...
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Bishop Ken’s 10th Anniversary

On his 10th Anniversary,” honors our good friend and mentor, Bishop Ken Untener. His remarkable spirit still lives with us. For those of you who knew him, we hope our memories will bring back precious ones of your own. For those who have only heard about him, we hope our recollections will give you a glimpse into his uniqueness.
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