Acts 4:8-12
1 Jn 3:1-2
Jn 10:11-18

This past week provided for me a variety of different experiences. The first part of the week I worked, prepared for a colonoscopy, had the colonoscopy, was called as part of my jury duty to be on a jury, and then back to work again at the end of the week.

As I ventured into each experience, I wondered how the voice of the Good Shepherd would reach me in these very different venues. I think in the past I heard the gospel for May 3rd in a rather cut and dry manner. I always assumed that I would be one of those sheep who would catch on quickly. In the many circumstances of this week, especially being a jury member of a criminal case, I had to remind myself to listen to what was presented.

How might the Good Shepherd voice be presented? I can think of many instances where someone close to me gave me great advice, but I couldn’t hear it coming from them. However, another person might say the same thing to me and I acted as though it was the best advice I had ever heard and for the first time! I guess I was blessed in those instances that the Good Shepherd was willing to throw his/her voice to another messenger with the same message.

The Easter message that keeps tapping me on the shoulder during this Easter season is that I need to be willing to be open to whomever God brings onto my path to guide me. I can be as slow as the leaders of the synagogue who are questioning Peter and the disciples in the first reading from Acts. Who is God using in my daily life to guide me to that holy union? What opportunities invite me to new ways to the shepherding of God?

This week I will seek to remember, in the Easter encounters, Jesus the Christ breathes peace upon his friends and disciples as He invites them into a new reality of truth. It will be with the same peace that I will be invited to hear the voice and guidance of the Good Shepherd.