Someday maybe…
Today I visited a number of people who described their lives as active and vital until recently; recently measured anywhere from 3 months to four years. As I listened to them and their loved ones talk I wondered what my faith story might be if I for one reason or another lose control over my mobility, my thoughts, and life’s little “take it for granted.” Some folks had no reason to believe that their physical bodies wouldn’t take them into their golden years with ease and blessings.

In the second reading from Sunday, Paul says to the Ephesians, “For by grace you have been saved through faith.” So many of us juggle our lives trying “to do,” for others as a way of showing our faithfulness to the Gospel…And yet Paul reminds us it is not what we do that saves us, it is grace that saves us…roots us to the deepest place of faithfulness.

In our culture very little room is given for activity that cannot be measured by outcomes. How then can I, can we be present, and how do we model in our own lives, to these beloved ones of God who are facing the challenge of being without the measurements of doing? Perhaps our Lenten challenge is about learning how to be light without measuring not how big the light is, but rather the fact that the light is.