Yesterday a friend told us about her 2 1/2 year old niece who loves to play hide and go seek. On Christmas she hid facing the wall where she could see no one…to her surprise her cousins found her. Later in the day her 6’2″ uncle joined in the game. Much like his young niece’s hiding tricks he hid himself under her blanket and stood in the dining room, waiting to be found…and much to his delight was.

Unlike the young child choosing to hide, we sometimes wait in the midst of our dailiness, fearing that we won’t be found…that our efforts to be visible will be wasted or lost. Yet it is right there in the middle of that doubt and fear that we are found by the Holy. At other times, this same God who is beyond our imagination, waits in the midst of that same dailiness to be discovered by us. God’s invitation to me is that I embrace God’s pleasure at being found and recognize within myself that place that squeals with delight when this immanent God is found.