Up Stream Current

Beautiful, beautiful Newsletter! Thank you so much for sending. So important for Catholics to know that Spirit infuses all life and invites us to share in the joy of appreciation of others and the beauty that surrounds us. And I always love your sign off: You Are Not Alone. A perfect reminder of how blessed we are to have supportive friends. So glad you are here for me and mine.
I was touched by your personal sharing in your last newsletter. Thank you! It gives me much to reflect on.
Loved your newsletter. It sure hit the spot.
Being spiritual….right on with your reflections!
That was refreshing. My experience in my 80’s includes amazement at what I missed or overlooked in the previous 7 decades and gratitude for the opportunity to keep on learning, seeing, accepting, renewing, and growing in faith. A lot of it does revolve around nature for me too. (Even Weight Watchers encourages us to walk, look at the leaves and smell the flowers.) And wondering again where I’ve been all these years. Not that I’ve gotten that far, but I am happy for the chance to renew the opportunities missed, at least the ones I’m aware of.
Your Companions in Prayer letter was as if I had written it myself. Always a work in progress!
Thank you for the newsletter for this summer. It struck a certain cord for me. There was so much in your letter that I related to – from the spiritual growth (or solitude sometimes) to what is meant by being spiritual and not religious (I hear this too often) and then being with God in his creation or just silently sitting and being still to soak in God’s love.