Trinity is like a kaleidoscope

I enjoyed your treatise on Trinity, and immediately words flew into my, mind and I wanted to share.
The colors in the kaleidoscope are so varied, but all sourcing from a few (could it be three?) pieces if glass or mirrors. The colors remain stable until we APPLY our hands turning it over and over again. We do that each day that God has given us. And, we get different results. Is it caused by our turning or is it God letting us try various maneuvers to give us an opportunity to make our world brighter? Kadeidoscopes vary the initial colors and then goes forward.
I love your reference to colors; it is Trinity expanding eternally into eternity.
Thank you for this beautiful reflection on the Trinity. It blessed me.
What a fine reflection.
Thank you love the newsletter
Truly enjoy the newsletters. This one in particular gave a clearer understanding of the mysteries of the Trinity. God bless you for all the good work you do and for sharing your talents with us.
Reading the Gospel of Mark more deeply & finding it such a good way to give the knowledge of God the Father to the Greeks through Jesus Christ — the Trinity three is part of this process — it’s a special number for the Jews and the Greeks, and also as we go deeper we can understand that all three persons are the same identity — in the beginning of the Christian Church we had to be different to the Jews, but today we can come closer to the Jews again, in deeper love and by God’s grace, forgiveness and mercy on all sides, the Holy Trinity granted to the Christian faith is closer again to the Eternal Love that is the One God of Moses — help me Lord Jesus to love more deeply and fully amen
I like the idea of remembering the Holy Spirit in the evening. I resolve every Pentecost to be more aware and always forget.