The Power of Faith

Your reflections are very clear and hopeful. I very much like the links you make to the community of faith today who hear these words of his actions as continuing in our lives: the texts offer us the challenge to deeper trust in the healings that are given.
The power of faith, healing of the woman and of Jairus daughter (is there a misprint?) — thank you for this truth, trust is vital, this speaks to me & I must learn to trust. “Jesus I trust thee” is the Divine Mercy word. I was studying this passage myself and when I read the Greek I learnt that the little girl is being raised in Resurrection, it is a type for Christ, the Greek words are the same, and Jesus stands for the Father — also the little girl symbolizes something else, is it the soul itself called to life by Christ? or life for women, who may rise and walk (pray) with new freedom and strength, God bless OSC and thank you always.
there is a lot there, thank you thank you the name is great: Jairus (whom God enlightens) the implication is that the good priest is enlightened by Christ as God in healing, also the whole passage is about the Christian faith being a healing of the faith through women (to correct the masculinity bias of the old explanation) so this chapter is very strong for Mary and for the sisters & it explains the Jesus point of view that we (men) must note the womanly virtues of compassion, patience, selfless love and be the same — against the manly attributes of aggression dominance etc It is still what we need! this healing, this learning this healing! God bless from Paul
Thank you for moving to the heart of the matter! Faith is trust, wholehearted, unequivocal, and all the other definitions are included. Just a little story from one of our Sisters teaching school in Philly:she asked the class “How do you think the woman could have gotten through the mass of people and reached out to touch Jesus in that crowd?” After a pause a little girl raised her hand and said, “She might have said, “Excuse me….!”