Miracle or Coincidence?
Sometimes, I wonder how we know if something is a miracle (an unexpected appearance or experience of the Holy) or just a coincidence. Last weekend I attended a workshop on “The transformation of old patterns into healing.” I was with a group of people with whom I have attended other workshops, which made for a space of trust for actual change to happen. For the most part the workshop sessions were held outside, which allowed me to attend to the changes happening in nature.

During the very last session, each of us was invited to take a few moments and speak about how we were doing after our learnings. As I was speaking, I found myself touched by a deep insight and a profound gratitude for this circle of friends and teachers who had guided the weekend. At the very same moment of spoken and unspoken gratitude, a humming bird appeared out of nowhere and flew a circle around my head. I was aware of the buzzing noise, but did not see the bird.

Following that session a friend came up immediately and told me about the humming bird. Wow, I thought how remarkable…in some Native American spiritual beliefs, the humming bird represents joy…wow! Later in the day on the drive home with a friend I mentioned the humming bird’s appearance and fly by. This friend thought the bird probably came to me because I was wearing a red baseball cap. My heart quivered when I heard her logical experience for this unexpected grace.

Miracle or coincidence?

I think it is a miracle or at the very least good grace! God’s appearances can always be explained away into something else. Our invitation today is to be open to grace appearing and allowing the power of it appearance to be a doorway of transformation.