Wis. 2:12, 17-20
Jas 3:16-4:3
Mk 9:30-37

Just the Right Seat
I arrived to church a little early two weeks ago. It was tough because I was still on my vacation routine and it took a little more focus to get there. It was nice being able to sit near the end of the pew and being able to get a clear view of the alter…(I am a little shorter than average and so I am use to getting only partial views of everything up front.) Anyway the upshot of this is that I had the “perfect seat for me!”

Just as the liturgy was starting a young woman and her son pulled themselves into “my” pew and felt perfectly comfortable in brushing against me. This gentle “push” moved me from my perfect seat to being stationed right behind a man who was born with a larger body. I have to say that I found myself a little pushed out at this seat change. Then came the gospel…and I found Jesus words a bit tilted toward me and my attitude.

In the gospel Jesus’ disciples were arguing among themselves, who would be the leader…who among them would be the “big” shot. As I heard the words, my face began to burn as I thought about my reaction to the woman who sat next to me. I really had no idea what it took for her to get to the liturgy that morning. I didn’t know what any of her needs were, what I knew is that I had just returned from a two week vacation with lots of great memories.

I wonder how often my own sense of entitlement places me outside of the call of Jesus. It was a tough way to re-enter daily life…I left church feeling much more like the disciples in this uncomfortable gospel. I was much more aware of how easy it is to let a sense of entitlement get in the way of simply moving over for the Word of God.