Befriending Enough
The other night I attended the Multiple Sclerosis banquet for people who had raised over two thousand dollars for one of their fund raising events during 2002. I was the development person for a friend and myself and had raised about three thousand dollars that we needed for both of us to participate. However, we had sent the money in separately under each of our designated numbers for the MS Challenge 50 mile walk.

We actually sent the rest of our money in following our three days of walking when the last of the donations came in from friends and family. Two weeks later an anonymous donor gave over five hundred dollars in my friend’s name, which put her total over two thousand dollars.. As a result my friend was invited to this special banquet and I went as her guest.

We both thought that the unexpected gift, was so cool and who would have expected such a gift. Truth be told, I worried for months that we would not be able to reach the necessary fifteen hundred dollars needed for both to participate in the walk. The whole walk for me in my good health became a struggle with the monster “Enough”. Would we get Enough money? Would we train Enough to be able to walk the fifty miles? Once we were walking would there be Enough porta potties? And as we walked the miles, I wondered if I had Enough energy to make it to the end of the day’s destination?