Mother’s Day Reflection

My 98-year-old mother and I appreciated the beauty and wisdom of Sister Laura’s reflection and are so thankful that you shared it with us. When my father died, here at home on hospice, it was a very sacred time and I am glad to have the opportunity to live with my Mom, so near to “touching the hem of eternity” again, and fully conscious of embracing the journey. My mother nodded thoughtfully when she heard Sister Laura’s mother’s response, “I don’t know.” We talked about the peace of Papa’s passing and she understood so well.
You are mothers to so many souls! May I wish you all the graces that flow through our Blessed Mother on this Mother’s Day.
I just read an article by one of your sisters, Laura, I think, and want to thank her for the inspiration and comfort it brought me. I had just finished Lectio Divina and then turned to Global Sisters mail that I receive
Sister’s article was exactly the piece I still needed in my lectio. It will continue to help me very much as I carry the WORD with me this week.
What a gift your community must be there in Saginaw. Be blessed with the the ongoing gifts of the Spirit.
Thank you for that sensitive, real reflection on our Mom’s. Consoling in its truth!
It is so touching and beautiful, but also offers a wonderful teaching on eternal life as experienced by you. I really loved it.
Great Reflection: Hopefully we can all pass on to new life without fear.