Recently my eyes have focused on situations where children with different kinds of disabilities have charmed nearby adults. The other day at the hospital cafeteria a three or four year old boy waved to and chatted with anyone within a ten-foot radius of his table. Being just a few feet outside that radius I fell into the happy position of watching. I don’t think the little guy was able to say much with clarity of word, but his message of connection and love was so genuine, it didn’t need much.

I try to imagine what the world would be like if this was the given approach to all communication…that being, reaching out to all within a ten-foot radius, trusting that the receiver will have the ability to translate the heart’s message with generosity. I have some things that I will have to let go of in order to do this. Here is the beginning of my list: the times when I am more sure of myself than others, the times when I react from a place of hurt, the times when I am afraid that I am not visible to others and so I flash my credentials, and the list goes on.

As I picture this young fountain of connection, this epicenter of hospitality, that list melts in the face of one who invites from a spaciousness that is generated from who is he, not what he can’t do. Today, I shall try to move from his spaciousness.