The protection of the Good Shepherd

I’m with you in loving, grateful prayer as you celebrate Clare and the grace of your uniquely Franciscan vocation! Have to say, the sheep homily was my all-time-favorite!
I love Psalm 23 and it seems to be used at most funerals. Thanks, Laura, for the insight into the shepherds and sheep. I remember hearing some of what a shepherd does when we were in Bethlehem. I pray that we can all be shepherds.
read today’s newsletter about shepherds and sheep….many years ago we lived in north western Colorado where sheep were raised in plenty and yes they are rather stupid creatures. If one falls down on its back it is unable to right itself so shepherds must be ever vigilant. So it is with our very own Good Shepherd who is ever vigilant when we stumble and fall /fail as He is always ready to set us aright again!
Keep your newsletters coming as they are most welcome and thank you for praying for us all.
Your current Newsletter, Jesus the Good Shepherd, touched me deeply. I love the reference to the interdependency of the shepherd and sheep, a beautiful metaphor of the Cosmic Christ watching over us, wanting our love as much as we need his.
Poets are word thieves and I’m lifting yours right off the page to reshape your vision into my creative efforts.
Many, many thanks,
I really enjoyed reading it. Thank you so much.
I read the summer Newsletter about the Good Shepherd — it is very good indeed, excellent style. It would be better than 90% of the sermons they give.