The lesson from Jesus’ meeting with Martha and Mary

Thank you for that, due to illness I have had to “do things differently” and yes it’s hard but I’m getting there slow but sure. Bless you
Thank you for this most beautiful reflection. I am drawn into your prayer as well as realizing my own limitations and vulnerability in the face of suffering and so many needs.
I appreciate the use of personal experience as part of your reflection. It helps open up some honesty with myself and some paths to travel for personal reflection. Apparently being an “introvert” is helpful in going deeply into the words of Jesus. Thank you God. This is worth many re-readings.
I just wanted to tell you the mail came at a precise moment as i was going to mass this evening it arrived-our mass was about st.clare today and the song was carefully chosen-a song for saints, what a delight to hear from my wonderful sister-in- christ. I trully admired all you sisters sacrifice and work-may the good Lord continue to keep you safe and sound of mind.
This is an excellent newsletter and made me think again about a well-known passage. Thank you very much. It is written very well, and it is moving and eloquent. This is such a strong way for the Poor Clares to witness spirituality to the world.