Being Seen from Inside Out
We have a nurse who recently had a baby. It was cool to watch how her appearance changed over the months. The other day I saw her in the hallway at work and asked her if she had any pictures of her new little one, she didn’t that day. I asked her to bring some so we might be able to see what he looked like out of his nine month apartment; she smiled and said she would.

I love the first reading used on the Sunday of January 28th from Jeremiah. The concept of God being able to know and see me in my mother’s womb is very comforting. At the same time it is almost too much for me to take in, that God not only knows and see me, but has since my conception.

I guess in some ways I fall into the same trap, the same small mindedness that the people of Jesus time fell into when they encountered his giftedness in the gospel reading from the 28th of January. After all I am from a small town like Nazareth, my parents are like ordinary people (at least from the outside) like Joseph and Mary.

These readings today invite me to be more. They remind me, like the picture of the new little baby, that I can be seen not only in the here and now, but that I was also known in my mother’s womb.