Gaining insights about Lent

Well written and insightful. Brings back memories of Laurene.
I just received your Companions in Prayer newsletter. WOW !!!! What a beautiful moment of grace in Laurene’s last days. It seemed to be an example of taking hold of life and owning it thoroughly, responsibly and respectfully.
Thank you for the newsletter with the moving Account of Laurene’s passing.
I am deeply moved by your reflection(s) this Lent. It is a profound life-time recollection of how we continue to grow in our understanding of letting go this life we experience now and surrendering into our lasting communion with Christ in God. I especially cherish the bridal point of Laurene’s journey—it encourages me! Your account of how this lifetime journey into getting what we are all being personally invited to embrace is honest and moving.
Thank you! For this Wonderful Note!!
Thank you for that wonderful reflection on life and death and
your experience with Laurene.