Dt 26:4-10
Rm 10:8-13
Lk 4:1-13

Leaning on the Lord
A week ago I went snow shoeing with a friend on one of the nearby mountains. This was the first time I had really done any snow shoeing that involved going primarily uphill. It was also the first time for me to do it on a mountain.

My friend gave me several tips about ways of approaching the incline. A mutual friend had given me the childhood mantra, “I think I can, I think I can…” As I walked up the surface of this awesome mountain I could hear myself tell friends, “Yes, I snow shoed up Mount Red…” I went on to imagine them being at least a little bit impressed that I had done it.

The reading of Jesus being tempted in the desert, in the gospel reading for Sunday February 25th hit home. As I heard the temptations, I heard my inner conversation with myself from my experience of snow shoeing. I must admit that as I climbed one of the steeper slopes, affectionately known as Heart Break Hill; I wrestled with my ego big time. My body was starting to let me know that she was tired, but my ego kept saying, “oh come on, it is only 45 minutes once we reach the crest. Think how good it will look!”

As I made my way up Heart Break Hill I found myself thinking about this gospel. I understood in a different way how well disguised temptations can come dressed. I wonder, was it easier or harder for Jesus to say no to the temptation than it was for me?

In the end, I listened to my body and much to my relief my friend had also come to the same conclusion. That was a week ago and since then I have had many temptations to highlight my comings and goings. I think that I have been more aware of them than usual.

It was here, that I needed to do as the Spiritual sings, “I’m leaning on the Lord.” Perhaps my Lenten lesson is inviting me to do with more inner awareness and less self importance. “Leaning into the Lord…”