1 Kgs 19:4-8
Eph 4:30-5:2
Jn 6:41-51

Ready or not, Here I Am
Last weekend I sat with my monthly spirituality group to discuss the concept of discernment in our lives. As we were guided to connect ourselves to the breath of life within us, the mountain breezes gave our internal breath some encouragement. The breeze brought with it an amazing smell that brought us to a profound connection with the God of Creation.

We were then encouraged to connect the importance of being aware of our breath and our body to the ability to discern God’s will in our lives. In our ordinary lives, understanding God’s guidance in the day to day does not (usually), unlike Elijah’s involve the appearance of a mystical being or an angel to guide our action.

Our daily glimpses of walking in discernment is probably more like hearing someone we know say something that could guide us and deciding that couldn’t be it because after all we know him or her. Much like the people who heard Jesus, we are unable to see it/hear it because their beings don’t fit our stereotype of a would be angel or prophet.

Before I left for my spirituality group my expectations were for a good day. I was heading for the mountains where we had spent time in June. I wasn’t expecting any big insights, after all everyone who would be there were from Nazareth. However, despite myself I was lucky…fortunate…blessed because the ears and eyes of my heart were primed through our prayer to be ready for the extraordinary.

The scripture readings from the Sunday readings on August 13th invite us to “Taste and See the Goodness of the Lord.” May we dare to be surprised by those people and experiences we usually label as “ordinary” making room for the God of Jesus to speak to us.