As Poor Clare Nuns, we continue the ministry of St. Clare of Assisi who depended on donations (also known traditionally as “alms”) for her living. She shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the healing power of prayer with others.

By accepting financial donations to cover many of our expenses, we have time to be available to anyone seeking prayer. We receive and respond to over 800 prayer requests a month through phone calls and emails from our web page. We listen to the anguish of those in troubled marriages, those grieving the death of loved ones, or those dealing with crippling addictions. We share in the sorrows of people whose hearts have been bruised, broken, and betrayed. We bring the suffering ones with us to prayer. We believe that when people share their struggles with us in prayer, they no longer bear their burdens alone.

We also rejoice in the joys of a person’s life. For example, we celebrate the gift of a birth or the satisfaction of completing a project or accomplishing a goal. God is here and present in all that we experience.

We want people to know that God is here and present in all that we experience. We want people to know that they are not alone. We are praying with and for them.

Although our major means of support is through donations, we also supplement our income by creating and selling Christmas and sympathy cards as well as producing and marketing our own Fragrant Blessing Oil. However, proceeds from the donations we receive and the cards and oil that we sell do not cover all our expenses. Although we live a simple life, we need your support to help us continue our ministry of prayer.

We invite you to join our ministry of prayer with your financial contributions. In addition, join with us as we pray for peace world wide as well as close to home. Be our Companions in Prayer as we pray for those we know in need as well as the many unknown ones who suffer in our world.