The Rich Man & Lazarus

Rich Man: How refreshing to hear a real story of a ”rich man” who did see ”lazarus.” Thanks for the incentive to SEE and experience the joy of giving. So grateful for the positive
bent of the reflection. Encouraging.
Just read the Lazarus piece, very well written, clear and bright, very good style, please write more like this, excellent, thank you very much — also there are other deep things here, drops of balm upon the suffering even of those who are refused comfort — this is God’s love isn’t it, thank you.
just want to say thank you and I think there’s work for us to do in this, a Poor Clare spirituality outreach for the world to build for the future and reaching further
The Lazarus story was great. We can see the faces of the two after the $20 was shared. I say shared because that is what happens when such an incident happens. It is sad that generosity happens so rarely but we must rejoice when it does. You Sisters are so very generous and praying for we sinners every day. Blessings to you all.
Bll and Ruth
We really enjoyed your article in the Catholic Weekly re. the rich man and Lazarus. You had wonderful analogies and a warm sensitivity to those in need. You sisters are a wonderful reflection of God’s love here on earth. We look forward to further articles that you offer.