The Canaanite woman spoke for us

This is beautifully written with clarity and strength and it is very moving. The Christian Mission is here. It is especially strong to women who were considered of low status in the Jewish faith, and to peoples who were despised. Your passage will merit rereading. It is a splendid gift in your outreach. Our upbringing sometimes makes it difficult to recognize our brothers and sisters because of the need to protect our house. Boldly today we must reach out to say I love you and I do love you and I will love you, thank you for your goodness. I am thinking of North Africa. I dream of Christian and Muslim communities living side by side in knowledge of one another, in forgiveness and love and respect. Both with a high level of wisdom and love. He is with us when we love. God bless OSC! God bless you dear sisters!
Thanks, this is very relevant and timely!
She spoke for us: thank you for bringing a profound truth to light so clearly.
We thought your reflection on today’s Gospel was most apt. If only we could see everyone we meet not as stranger but sister and brother. Maybe we would listen to each other less defensively, trust one another more and have a more peaceful society.
I think this Gospel shows us that Jesus learned at he went through life – he learned from his encounters with others. He was open to the other. May we do likewise.
Thank you for your so timely interpretation of the Gospel!!
Thank You 🙏❤️