Right Relations

Fr. Tom
Dear Laura and Sisters,
Thanks for the recent reflection on the Sunday Gospel about getting along with each other. I could relate to some of the things about being early or late for prayer!! We are funny people . . . . . well, at least I am funny!
But soon after I moved here, I was coming down the stairs one morning and I heard that morning prayer had already started. I knew there were a few minutes yet before the agreed upon starting time and wondered what happened. I found out after that; that sort of thing was happening more than once. So, on another day when someone was about to start and the other member of our community was not there, I spoke up . . . . most uncharacteristic of me!! . . . asking if we knew if So and so was not coming. Well no one knew for sure, but in a minute, here came So and so, just on time. So I felt vindicated. Of course I didn’t gloat too much.
Right Relations article was very important for helping families, friends, co-workers, and all to take one more step to bridging together even when there is anger or hurt underneath. I have seen it happen where the misunderstandings lead people away from each other. It only leaves a gap, a loss, a heartache, not only for them but for others. Thank you for reminding us that Jesus wants us to take the steps for reconciliation now and here on earth. Thank you for the prayers for all those in need. Love you.
Mary Ann
Dear Sr. Laura,
I read with interest your article. I like a lot of your ideas.
As a somewhat retired Lay Minister I do much work in this area. Always have. I did a workshop once on forgiveness and anger. I try to be a good listener and am amazed at what comes forth whether it is in a group setting or one on one. Many times people want to rush reconciliation when it is merely going through the grief process which sometimes takes a long time. I am glad our diocese does such a good job on funerals. I’ve seen amazing turnarounds after being treated in compassionate ways.
I’ve had to learn the hard way how to confront, how to wait until I can speak in love to approach a person. It doesn’t always work out. I really believe in using e-mails for much of this work. It gives you and the other person time to think of their answer.
I believe we need to spend more time on educating people on ways reach a more mature approach to mental illness, avoiding toxic people, stewardship, proper sharing and who to share with. It’s amazing where peace and love happen when you approach it with love. I know many people who are good with being the arbitrator between two people, but that is not where my gifts are. I also believe their are certain ministries where it’s better not to even go. I also believe people need to put in their lives happy events and things are what I call neutral that make for easy sharing. I do find it interesting how God made our relationships so those who are closest to us can grate on our nerves the most.
Many thanks, Laura and Sisters. Good homily!
Wow, this is exceptional – How impressive . . .
Mary Ann
Just read your article and it is very moving..teaching through real life realities.