Advent Responses

12-25 Thank you to the Sisters of St. Clare and our dear Sister Nancy who have helped us build and rebuild our houses into homes with Godly spirit, as this Advent Calendar has, as well. As for ….. our house, we will serve the Lord! Merry CHRISTmas, Happy New Year & Joyous Epiphany.
12-12 Love, respect, thinking, and empathy.
12-7 Regarding the “highway signs,” various people have said that the longest journey is the one inside, to our center. The journey of Advent each year invites us to go deeper within ourselves to be more honest about who we are and to find there the presence of God. We do that each year because it is the work of a lifetime.
12-6 Be caring, strong, brave, and care for others. Be courageous and empathetic.
12-4 I think I am having a hard time hiding my feelings, especially being sick. However, I must put on a good face and bear it because everyone I see when I’m out says you are looking better. Inside, I think that is God working in me as I know I can’t do it alone. I have to pray a lot and remember that God is with me always. He is my anchor and my strength and I thank him for being a loving God.
12-3 Our city – a safe haven for everyone who enters here
12-2 Life and family, God got created.
12-2 My younger son and family’s home in the San Juan Mountains, Colorado
12-1 Love
12-1 “Home” for myself and for my family
12-1 It takes so much trust in God’s love to continue to have hope.
11-29 the righteous shoot is the Messiah, which is also the continuation of Israel in the Christian Church carrying the faith of God outward to the world — from the year 2000 I feel that the truth is that God’s love for us is most important and in that understanding we should love one another more, the churches and Abrahamic faiths growing closer in trust and forgiveness and support