Pearl of Great Price

Quest for the Pearl

A pearl’s beauty begins with a grain of sand in an oyster. Sand or another foreign substance gets into a curtain like material under the shell of the oyster and lodges there. Because the sand rubs, the oyster repeatedly coats it with a salve that after about three and a half years hardens into the iridescent jewel that we know as the pearl.

Sometimes life’s mundane details can grate upon us like grains of sand. We feel only irritation and wonder where the pearl has gone. We lose track of what we most value. We lose track of the pearl of great price.

However, God is good. God never loses us. God changes us and reshapes us. The grains of sand are transformed into pearls. We discover again the power of God’s love. We once again find the pearl of great price. We find again the peace and serenity that come when we love and are loved in return.

As your Companions in Prayer, we want to be with you in your times of peace and serenity as well as times when your life has lost its meaning. We want you to know that you are not alone. We are praying with and for you.