I am a chaplain who has the blessed privilege of walking with oncology patients in part of my work and in the other part of my job I work with students preparing for health care and system professions. My designated title is Coordinator for the Inner Life of Healer program for students in the Academic Health Center.

Recently, I was the living metaphor of piece of pottery being formed and spinning out of balance. I have done a little pottery on a wheel and I remember so well, the tactile feeling of the clay doing that awkward spin that meant it would not make it to the kiln. Usually, I would stop and take the clay into my hands and need to start all over. It was a lot of work and I felt a bit silly for not keeping the spinning clay in balance within my hands as it spun round and round on the wheel. It sounds so easy!

I had too many things going on within the energetic spinning of my life. We were getting the house ready to sell, looking for a house, and in my daily job all the programming for orientation sessions in several schools and programs were happening. Too many things spinning! There I was on one of my spun out days meeting with medical students and talking about planting the seeds of inner life balance…

I am better this week. My life is still full of spin, but the speed of the wheel has slowed down…Julian of Norwich the gifted mystic of the 14th century says to all of us who are spinning “and all shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well”.