The other morning, I was walking into work and noticed four people about twenty feet in front of me. Three of them were talking on cell phones and one had their earphones going. The rest of the day I noticed more people whose ears were connected to their phones and many of them were with other people.

It reminded me of the song that came out in 1996 by Theresa Osborne called ‘What if God were one of Us?” The song places God’s presence among us as ordinary and everyday, nothing that might grab our attention. So…would God carry a cell phone? Have a palm pilot? Wear a pager? Be plugged into a world of music and talk through headphones? The even harder question for me, I who have every one of those devices…am I present enough at any one moment to hear or recognize the Holy? I suppose if I was paged and the number was easy to call back the chances are very good. I suppose if my phone rang and I had it on me, I might.

But what if the Holy came to me in a deep quiet, rather than in the fire or wind or thunder…would I hear God’s voice.