2 Sm 5:1-3
Col 1:12-20
Lk 23:35-43

Christ the King
I have struggled with the readings from November 25th I got stuck on the title “The Feast of Christ the King.” It seems silly somehow that I couldn’t think or better yet, feel my way through the title. The readings themselves are all about being a loving servant and a forgiving leader.

So clearly this writing block gives me an opportunity to think about servant leadership. How did Jesus bring his leadership to the people he encountered? Did he have a press agent…no Jesus usually went into town unannounced. Per the gospels there weren’t any marquees with his name on it saying: “Jesus Christ Superstar, in town this coming Friday. See him perform magnificent feats and witness as he changes the hearts of harden criminals.”

He came into town in a quiet way. This is so different from the way our political hopefuls come into any town, large or small. But this King wasn’t a hopeful candidate running for office, rather he was love and forgiveness embodied in human form. He was the Son of God, human yet divine.

Although we do not have to go to the polls to affirm his Divinity, his kingship, we do have to take a stand. Dare we live his example or not? I know sometimes I am no different than our political candidates. There are times when I want to shout out the things that I have done which have and do make a difference. From a place that starts out with good intentions, I get stuck in my own need to have a known legacy.

The feast with some reflection reminds me it is now my turn…some people say that we vote with our body, in other words in our actions. As we behold this Servant King, this servant leader, I need to dare to live a life that marks me as being one of his party. I must begin by asking for the grace to mark my heart with the passion and courage to be a servant leader, living unabashedly the call of the gospel to be present to the needs of others.