The Ascension of the Lord
MT 28:16-20
May 28, 2017

Featured speakers at the White House correspondence dinner this year were Woodward and Bernstein. Both gave short talks…more like reflections…on how they perceived the role of the press/journalism, especially as it functions in a democratic society. Both stressed that journalists and reporters have an absolute obligation to offer to the public “the best attainable version of the truth.”

In order to achieve this, they explained that “sustained inquiry is essential.” Their thoughts were especially poignant in a day and age when we are constantly assaulted with so much untrustworthy information and prevented from hearing the real truth by “cover-ups.” As I listened to them caution about the extreme danger of any effort, by anyone, to suppress the access of journalists to “the best attainable version of the truth,” I couldn’t help but shift my focus from the political arena to the spiritual life.

“The best attainable version of the truth” is Jesus Christ. Jesus IS THE TRUTH, and The Source of The Truth (Jesus Christ) is God.

The Lord came to broadcast to all of humankind the Good News that eternal life comes to those who know the only true God, and the One Whom God sent, Jesus Christ. So that all might come to believe in this truth…the Good News…Jesus suffered a very public death, after which He revealed The Source of His Truth to the Apostles and disciples in the most dramatic of ways. Jesus rose from the dead and remained present to them until it was time for Him to return to the Source of all life and all love.

Knowing it is the way of this world to “cover up” the truth, drown out “The Good News” with false news, and persecute and silence those who give witness to the Risen Christ, Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to enlighten and strengthen those first chosen to continue the work that God began through Jesus. As we bring this Easter Season to a close, it is critical that we remember that the sacred duty and absolute obligation to continue the work of the first witnesses now rests on our shoulders. In many ways, the challenge is even greater than ever before, because the means and methods of suppressing truth and broadcasting false news are many, varied, hi-tech, and comes at us from the most unexpected places. But we have the Holy Spirit…the same Spirit that poured down on the Apostles and disciples on Pentecost, to inform, embolden, and energize us as we go about our duty as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Still, “sustained inquiry is essential.” We must continue to read, learn, listen carefully, and pray. And, of course, we must continue to gather together to celebrate Eucharist where “the best attainable version of the truth“ is made available to us through the power of the Holy Spirit in the Word proclaimed and the Bread broken and shared.

Welcome the Holy Spirit of Pentecost!