Lost in Ordinary Events
I was last heard from reflecting on the power of Sabbath resting, since then I have been missing in action…well really I wasn’t missing in action, I was actually in action over my head. I have been in the process of getting my house ready to sell. I have been aware, that this is where my pilgrim duties lay, but from the outside no word is no word.

This absence made me think about scripture and how the story of people doing ordinary things is somewhat lost. Almost every ordinary story seems to end up in a wise insight, a healing, or something very unexpected. In my case the stories are full of breathing deep, trusting that all the needed to get done will, and taking another deep breath to ask for help from others.

The work did involve the miracle of a home being transformed into a near picture perfect home…for me it lost the specifics which make it my home… Anyway, I will continue to immerse myself in ordinary events of cleaning, moving, and now hoping. If I should uncover a big miracle you can bet I will make it the focus of a future entry.