Easter’s Light
Easter Sunday, it has arrived. Last night as the fire was brought to full beauty outside the church and the Easter candle was blessed, we watched a beautiful full moon rise up in the east. It was powerful to watch the large light of the moon break open the darkness of our natural landscape.

Only moments later we entered the dark church lit now only by the lighting of smaller candles initially lit by the Easter Pascal candle…the light that brought us into the hearing of our ancestors’ stories…crossing the desert and being fed in unexpected ways…connecting to parents who were asked to give their most precious son to be the bridge to the Almighty, only to be called as surprisingly to instead sacrifice a ram as a covenant act to God. The Pascal candle called us deeper into the invitations to be fed and have our thirst quenched by life giving water…deeper still to the place where our hearts would be not only flesh but spirit graced embodied…

The Pascal light opens our hearts into the mystery of our stories as Christians walking often like Sarah and Abraham by faith, thirsting to taste the Divine Mystery in our every day lives. This light lead us like the women to the tomb, seemingly dark like our church before the light of the Pascal Candle entered. The light took us into the tomb; only to meet the deepest mystery of physical limitations being anointed and transformed by God’s imagination…the one who had died, and was buried, had risen! The light had been too big for the darkness…and it is this light that calls to us in this Easter Season to break the limitations of fear, of our woundedness, our doubts and move forward to the Galilee’s in our lives to be the Good News.