Dt 4:32-34, 39-40
Rom 8:14-17
Mt 28:16-20

Emily Marie
Today at our celebration of the Holy Trinity, little Emily Marie was baptized. She was beautiful. Just before the water was poured over her head the congregation sang the litany invoking the presence of the holy women and men to guide and protect this little one. Our belief in the communion of saints is such a rich heritage, both for the newly baptized and those of us walking the path.

Through the scripture readings of the day, all of us, along with Emily Marie, were reminded that we are called, led and guided by a God who calls us into holy relationship. This relationship is not one that is afraid or cowardly, but rather one that calls out in trust to “Abba,” certain that God will hear our voice and respond. What a powerful doorway for us to stand in at a time in our history when so many reactions to our larger world seem to move out from a place of fear.

I do not know how this little baby will be asked in her life time to stand and bear witness to a God who calls us out of slavery to freedom. Yet, today I heard her blessed and anointed with Baptismal oil to be priest, prophet and king and to bring forth her light into the kingdom of God. If it is true for Emily Marie, it is any less true for you and me. May we dare this day to live boldly our Baptismal call to give witness to a God who calls us to give voice to the power of love and forgiveness? Along with the communion of saints, may we join Emily Marie in calling out “Abba” in trust and hope that we can become the light of Christ for others.