Gn 14:18-20
1 Cor 11:23-26
Lk 9:11b-17

Feast of the Holy Body and Blood of Jesus
I watch the children each Sunday as they approach the distributor of communion, their hands folded over their hearts, their eyes focused on the one who will give them a blessing and a prayer… I watch their faces as they receive this very human yet divine exchange. They are waiting for the day when they, too, will be able to receive the Eucharist. Some of the children are so young that they are being carried by a love one to receive this blessing.

This happens weekend after weekend at the Saturday evening and Sunday Eucharistic liturgy. I watch this ritual and each time I find myself touched by their attentive faces. I remember going to church with my family and watching with great attentiveness to all who “Got to go to Communion.” Maybe it is this memory that stirs up inside of me when I watch the children.

On June 10th we celebrated the Feast of the Holy Body and Blood of Jesus. This feast like so many of our feast is one that cannot be contained by a one day celebration held annually. It is there for us to behold each time we approach the table of the Eucharist. Like the children who are waiting for their turn to be blessed, their turn to be “old enough” to receive communion, you and I are invited to lean into this Sacred Meal with great anticipation and expectation.