Is 8:23-9:3
1 Cor 1:10-13, 17
Mt 4:12-23 or 4:12-17

The Right Stuff
Right now in the United States there seems to be very few places that you can go where you are not inundated with news about the presidential election. The information about a candidate that we receive may be true or false, somewhat true or somewhat false. What does seem true is that each of the candidates believes that they have something important to offer the people of the United States.

Choosing or feeling called to positions of visibility takes courage. I remember being part of a pastoral organization that was looking for a new president; I was part of the small group that was looking at people’s resumes. Prior to position being posted, everyone took time to make sure the qualifications fit what was needed for the office of president.

I remember hearing one committee member questioning whether Jesus would have the qualifications to get an interview. It is often statements like these that keep me from choosing to consider putting my name in for an elected office; that reluctance and questioning shows up for me as I read the scripture for January 27.

The readings today make me question what I have within me that makes me a candidate to respond to Jesus request to discipleship, to Paul’s invitation to me to preach the good news in Jesus name, and that my yes is stirred up because, I too, like the people in Isaiah 8 have seen “a great light” in my times of “darkness.”

However, as I noted earlier whether it is the call to run for a public office or an organization’s office, I am not always convinced I have the right stuff. How might I decide what the “right stuff” is to live and preach the gospel? What are the qualities within me or you that give light to the kingdom at hand? What am I willing to let go of in my life, in order that light of Christ might be more visible? Am I courageous enough to take Jesus’ confidence in everyday mortals, such as Peter and Andrew, that I too am enough to witness the call to love and forgive?

I think that I am willing to risk accepting this call…as long as I dare to root myself in the One who issued the invitation!