Is. 62:1-5
1Cor. 12:4-11
Jn. 2:1-11.

Hidden Gifts
This past week I have had an opportunity to return to my old stomping grounds. I saw lots of people who were a formative part of my adult life. Quite honestly, it was a bit overwhelming as people greeted me. Some asked at my former place of work, “Are you back here now?” Others asked, “How are you doing? How is your life?” Again their generous care of my well being and interest in my daily life was a little overwhelming. Being one who believes questions are asked from a point of care, I took time to respond.

In the gospel reading for January 14th, Mary invites Jesus to step into a new ministerial response. She invites him into his gifts of the Spirit. He reluctantly responds to her request. He acquiesces to her as it becomes clear that she isn’t going to go away just because he isn’t interested.

This past week I spent time with people who challenged me many times. Sometimes they called me to step into the gifts they saw in me. Sometimes others questioned my ability to do this or that. Some did both, but in such a way that the doorway to the learning or growing was from a place of love.

What are the situations in my life where I am invited by another to respond to the needs of others? Who are the mothers in my life who can see what is waiting to be birthed in me in my public life?

Today, for whose sake will we call forth new gifts to meet the needs of the bride and bridegroom in our lives?