Friends who change our lives: Remembering Bernie

Thank you for the beautiful spring newsletter. All of you are in my prayers. Thank you for praying for our diocese.
Sister Bernardone, was such gift to me, way back in 1963-1964, I was a novice and she was Cook in a large kitchen at Assisi Heights, the Motherhouse of the Sisters of St. Francis in Rochester MN.
I remember her very much as you described her. I love her sense of humor and her wonderful of teaching, but not preaching.
I did leave the the Community after 6 years, before she came to the Poor Clares, but I have never forgotten this Beautiful Lady.
I had written her letters a few year ago, and she wrote back such encouraging letters back. I have always felt my presence in my life of prayer, and am sure that will remain for the rest of my life. Thanks for sharing her wonderful life story.
I just finished reading the newsletter about Sr. Bernie. She was a special gal and always smiling. I thought it was a great article. I will never forget her or any of you.
I can’t imagine how big a hole Bernie’s departure into the Magnificent WHOLE of God’s fullness has carved into your little community of Saginaw. My love holds each of you and all together in hope that one day all this leave-taking will end and we will be gathered for once and for all in the HOLON of LOVE that is embedded even now in every molecule of our DNA! Think of Broccoli! (Sure!)
Your tribute to Bernie and your personal sharing is a gift to me. I join you in my most fervent prayer and remember so well our week at Crawfton so many years ago and Bernie took over that kitchen, showing me how to brine a turkey. I was watching and learning so much.
Thank You 🙏❤️
thank you very much for this well written and moving letter about Sister Bernie. Thanks be to God for her holy service in community, praying for all and witnessing God’s love in her life amen. thanks also for teaching me about your lives as 4 sisters in this modern Poor Clare outreach. I think you have been offering a model of sister-life which is sustainable for the future, a holy life that offers personal fulfillment to the sister family group. I wish to support this and encourage your boldness and outreach, the excellent newsletters and the loving support that I felt when you contacted me. In our need we turn to the sisters for strength and comfort, as we turn to Jesus. Mother Mary is united with Jesus in this love. I would like this work to gather sisters from other churches if that were possible, united in a charism of love, to live a holy life of prayer and service together, finding happiness in the sister-group and in the holy service and witness. A Poor Clare charism that arched across the churches and building strength in that way for faith. I pray that you may find younger sisters to join you and continue this good work. God bless you and strengthen you. Happy Easter soon!