The Holy Mystery of Fog
It has been a strange fall into winter here in the Upper Midwest. The other morning as Hannah (our 16 month old lab) and I ventured out around 6 a.m., fog hugged the earth. It was kind of neat, walking down the side walk and being held by the fog. As I glanced down the long side walk in front of us, the street lamps almost seemed like guides waiting for us to pass under their protection and guidance.

This past week we celebrated Our Lady of Guadalupe and the feast of St. Lucy. Both of them are women who embodied the light for the ordinary and for folks like me who are challenged at times by spiritual fog. Hannah and I made our way into the day, for the most part one foot at a time. Unlike me, more hesitant and slow in movement, Hannah is much more adept at moving with the fog and light. Advent can give us time to be both waiting for the light of the Holy Mystery to hold us and to have experience the grace of moving in time with fog.