“Mom, how does God make pop?”
The other day as I was returning from my hospital unit, I heard a young child ask his mom, “Mom, how does God make pop?” Unfortunately, I wasn’t close enough to hear the mom’s answer, but I loved the question. It is so easy for me as an adult to make my God questions, ones that deal on the theoretical level and miss the important everyday questions.

At church today, as I heard the gospel where John the Baptist sends his disciples to Jesus, to see if he is the one or not…you know the Messiah, the long awaited one. John’s disciples simply put the question to Jesus, “Are you the one or not?” Can you imagine being asked that bluntly about your role in birthing the presence of God in the here and now? I think we get so grown up sometimes that we forget the intimacy with which we are born into our vocation to be the light of God…maybe I should say it more clearly, I get very busy in my head and get distracted from my very first vocation as a child of God…to be that light, that presence, that herald in the desert, that candle on the hill…

I still don’t have the direct answer for how God makes pop, but I do feel in this advent darkness a little closer to finding “that holy light” that guides my daily walk within in the ordinary.