Bartimaeus and a Prayer of Faith

thank you very much for this thoughtful and helpful essay — I prayed to Jesus and I asked for his help to continue to support your good work and to build bridges for love and faith, especially I see a way forward in the new churches helping the religious communities more, to build up fraternal love leading to more true love for one another, thank you always and pray for me please
Sisters, Thank you for the helpful prayer and reflection. I admire what you try to do. I have a disability and have a most difficult time trying to live a good life and forgive myself for sins.
Thank you for the meditation. I have been trying to incorporate that style of prayer more in my life. I will be attending Mass this evening and will bring this meditation along to pray before Mass.
I found this the most helpful of all the newsletters in its transparent sharing of what we all experience in our relational living, and in the guided prayer at conclusion. thank you, THANK YOU!