Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion
Lk 22:14—23:56
April 10, 2022

Every news station, (REGARDLESS OF POLITICAL LEANINGS) broadcast a report of the atrocities the invaders committed in a village named Bucha on the outskirts of Kyiv, Ukraine.

Before the footage aired, each (REGARDLESS OF POLITICAL LEANINGS) gave a very strong warning that the images about to be seen were graphic and highly disturbing. Every reporter, in their own words, added an explanation that it was extremely important that the carnage filmed by “actual witnesses” be seen throughout the world so that humanity appreciates what has occurred.

This seemed particularly important since the invaders are claiming that the entire thing was staged. The perpetrators’ defense, in spite of the apocalyptic damage that was clearly inflicted on this community, is that “it never happened.”

One network went a step further. Beginning with a black and white photograph from the U.S. Civil War, and moving forward through modern history, other “iconic pictures” depicting the extreme suffering resulting from various wars were displayed. As this montage of horrors was shown, the reporter explained, that regardless of how painful it is to see, these images should not be forgotten…so that this kind of inhumane violence is never repeated.

But these things have been repeated…over and over and over again.

No matter how often we see “war movies and documentaries” or listen to the testimony of survivors, war and violence continue. It benefits us to learn from the past, but the lesson does not seem to change our behavior. Pondering history is enough to leave one hopeless.

And so, during Holy Week, The Church invites us to ponder SALVATION HISTORY in a special way. It is our tradition on Palm Sunday and again on Good Friday to proclaim, in its entirety, one of the versions of The Lord’s Passion. In its own way, the events leading to the Crucifixion and death of Jesus of Nazareth is a montage of horror.

It’s all here. Political wrangling and power struggles, greed and envy, deceit, misunderstanding, weakness and betrayal, false accusations giving way to false testimony, fear, misinformation, and mob rule, torture, abuse, and finally…EXECUTION! A true montage of evil. It can’t get much worse.

Still, we hear this story…twice…each year…so that we remember and never forget. And it is most important that we DO REMEMBER, because many want us to forget. Many deny these things ever happened. Many want to perpetuate this cycle of evil.

But this is what we Christians remember…and celebrate…and believe!

After every Good Friday, there comes an Easter Sunday. Our hope rests in Jesus Christ. It is by His Cross and Resurrection our world is redeemed. In spite of the evil that threatens hope itself…HOPE IN CHRIST DOES NOT DISAPPOINT! And so, we shoulder our own special crosses and follow our Savior to the mountaintop with confidence.

In these dark times, be especially attentive to the “Story of Salvation.” In truth, it is a montage of mercy and love. Always remember and never forget…Our Hope is in the Lord Who Brings Life out of Death!